Raj Scientific Company

Scientific Equipments


Raj Scientific has been founded on the core values of excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction. We are totally committed to these values and have been consistently delivering quality products and services to our clients spread across the globe.

At Raj Scientific, we are focused on providing engineering services and products which are based on scientific research. Our expertise in this niche area has helped us emerge as preferred partners to conglomerates across the world.


SM Express Logistics Pvt. Ltd.


Web Design, Catalogues, Graphic Designing, Advertisment.

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Successful establishment of website and brand presence in the market Raj Scientific is now aiming to increase sales by 40% by stepping up in the online media.

Google Ads was the major advertisement platform for Raj Scientific which provided 20 to 30 leads within a span of one month.

Social Media Branding and SEO resulted in establishment of market presence